Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen !

I am honored to be here today to share with you an over view of the Indian Polyurethane Industry
Thank you Mr. Sarangapani. He is really the patriarch, the Bhishma-Pitamah of  the Indian PU-Industry.
Way back in 60’s.  Mr. M Vardharajan,  in whose memory this conference has been dedicated, motivated Mr. Sarangapani to introduce Pu to India. 
Although 40 years have gone by, we are yet to see the true potential of Pu.
Since independence, in 1947, this largest democracy has been busy building its foundations and shuffling its policies to deliver  the right economic results.
But it is only from 1991 that the economy has taken-off at a healthy pace and so has the PU industry
The big changes have been in terms of availability of Raw Materials, Technology, Equipment, Levy of lower Taxes and Duties and Relaxation of controls. 
There is no doubt now,  that the future of Pu looks brighter than ever before. 
The next three days will only add newer opportunities.
I welcome you to PU TECH –2005, the first Exhibition-cum-Conference,  in India. 
It is THE VERY FIRST TIME that an event of this magnitude is happening.  It was long overdue. 
I am confident that this event will have a great impact on the Industry and set a direction for all of us.


Pu – (as we all know) a wonder Polymer, invented in the 30’s, is so versatile and has so varied applications that it touches one way or other everyday of our lives.
It can be drawn into a fiber, extruded into sheets and can also be moulded into complicated shapes. 
It can be made rock hard or feather soft. 
It can be close or open celled. 
It can be high on abrasive strength and at the same time also energy efficient. 
The possibilities are infinite, so are its applications. 
Some  are quite common like cushioning and thermal insulation, while some  are specialized like coatings and sealants. 
The product range includes Automobiles, Refrigerators, Mattresses,  Shoes, Paints, Filters and even Condoms, and Heart Valves. The list is quite limitless.
We are really fortunate to be a part of such an industry and even more fortunate to be a part of such an event. 
The very latest on Applications, Raw Materials, Technology and Machinery are on Exhibition for your benefit.  
The Technical Conference will update you on developments in each of the sectors of Rigid, Auto, Shoe soles, Flexible Slabstock and CASE. 
Truly, Pu is on display in its full colours for the first time in India.

INDIA with a Population of over 1.0bn people and growing @2% p.a. it spreads 3000 Kms North to South and another  3000 Kms East to West. 
It is so diverse, that it will be an error to treat it like one country.
In all fairness it is a nation of many countries.  
Diverse cultures, extreme climates, different languages, all kinds of religions, entire range of geographies, multiple political parties etc.  all rolled into one.  
In fact,  India derives its strength from “Unity in its Diversity”.
There is a mathematical formula which very aptly describes it

–epi = +1 

This just shows that all imaginary, irrational and complex issues are  fortunately uniting to give a positive result. 
With its present growth rate, India has already reached the critical mass in many sectors. 
Who could imagine 5 years back that India would become the largest producer of Two-wheelers, of Cement, of Steel, of Generic drugs and of PE fiber
And who could imagine that Hero Honda would be the World’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles or that Moser Baer would be the world’s largest manufacturer of CDROMS.  
It is projected that in 2050 India’s GDP of 24 Tr.$ will be higher than that of USA.
The global GDP is clearly shifting to the East.
India’s reputation as the second biggest growth engine in Asia, its excellent record with copyright infringement and its democratic and legal institutions have impressed investors in all the  fields.
According to the latest reports the  Japanese eg who were earlier  pouring their yens in China  actually had many copy right hassles and legal wrangles. 
They  have now turned towards India. 
Yamaha has announced a Rs.400 crore investment in its Indian Operation, Honda Siel is putting Rs.150 crores, Hero Honda is planning a second plant, Suzuki will pump 6000 crores in Maruti and will also launch its Motor Bike soon.
Even Toyota is mulling over a small car project, which would bring significant investments. 
India is a good destination  to invest in. 
In fact  it is the best destination to invest in.
The   fundamentals of the markets, the geographical location the size of population etc. cannot be wished away.
All these and many more would go towards creating immense opportunities  for all sectors in general and PU in particular.
To grow  these  the IPuA brings you  PU TECH 2005.


The Indian market is just 1% of the  Global PU market. 
Even if the population is corrected by the Purchasing Power Parity, the per capita consumption is dismally low, to say the least.  ¼  of china &  1/40th  of developed nations.

But the silver lining is really the growth rate.  
It will be incorrect to perceive that the present growth rate of 10%+ only is due to a low base and will be difficult to sustain over years
There are strong socio-economic drivers supporting this growth and they will continue to do so for a very long time.


  • Aspirations for Global Quality products though at local prices (Maruti, Hyndai, LG, Samsung) 
  • Increased disposable incomes.
  • Affordable Indulgence – Indians – Splurging  
  • IT & TV penetration into rural areas. 
  • Strong network of Roads.
  • Easy Availability of  raw materials. 
  • Dropping of fiscal barriers -Duties & Taxes 
  • Abundance of Technical Human Resource. 
  • Contained inflation.
  • Global shift in manufacturing to this region. 

We strongly believe these drivers will ensure India to play a far more significant role in the Global PU Scenario. 

I would say, we are late starters and have a lot of catching up to do. 
But let me assure you we are on course and now will have the necessary momentum to do so. 
The growth will be the flip of the per capita chart.

We are at a point in history when the rate of growth should just be shooting up. 
I hope you will leave this event with the conviction that the future of Pu in India  is as  bright shining as could be. 
Of course it will not happen by magic. 
Each one of us has a constructive role to play – a disciplined, positive role to play:

The markets and the customers are there. 
India is Ready. Eager to Consume, Eager to Produce and Eager to Service the World.
Let’s all join together to propel India to the Highest PU Orbit.

Thank you.


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